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Fleischteile Wagyu Beef

We offer loin cuts of A4 and A5 quality, which are considered to be the finest parts of cattle. Upon request, we are happy to provide you with desired Second Cuts as well.

The breeding farms and slaughter houses conform to strict quality control certification such as ISO or SQF and the HACCP System has been implemented as a hygienic control.

Our products come with a unique 10  digit tracking number. End consumers can retrieve the date of birth, sex, breed, history of the mother, relocation history, fattening period, date and house of slaughtering of each animal. 

Wagyu Cuts




The tenderloin with a very fine marbling, is the most tender part of the cattle and highly popular all around Europe. There are two pieces per cattle with an approximative weight of 5kg each. Given the low quantity and great popularity it is the most valuable cut of the cattle.

The Tenderloin can be bought as an entire piece. According to Japanese Quality Standards it comes with the chain and silver skin on.



The Striploin is many meat lover's favourite. It consist of one single muscle, the longissim. Ideal for steak cuts. Great marbling and high tenderness. 

The original pieces from Japan are between 2.0 - 3.0 kg. With pleasure we can portion according to your needs.



The Ribeye is our personal favourite. With 3 different muscle strangles it's a cut of character and variety. The Ribeye ist often considered to be the part with the highest flavour intensity. 

The original pieces from Japan are between 2.5 - 3.5 kg. With pleasure we can portion according to your needs.



The Ripcap is a cut that the butchers often keep for themselves. We recommend to slice this cut very thin. Due to its shape it's also ideal to create starter plates or Nigiri.

The Ripcap is sold as an entire piece. Approximative weight 0.5 - 1kg.

Second cuts

Second Cuts

Umai Wagyu is supporting an approach to use as many parts of the cattle as possible. We're pleased to learn and discuss your requirement for any Second Cuts.

One of our preferred Second Cut is the Chuckroll, which lies between the neck and the Ribloin. The cut offers an excellent value for money and is a great alternative to the loin cuts.