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Miyazaki-gyu by umami wagyu


Umai Wagyu is dedicated to bring the finest Japanese beef to European  kitchens.

In the Japanese language, “Umai” is a term  used to describe something delicious or tasty.  “Wa” refers to Japan itself whilst the term “Gyu” means cow.

The company was founded in St. Moritz, Switzerland in 2014 when authentic Japanese Wagyu was first released for global exportation. In 2017 Umai Wagyu set up a second base in Saarbrücken, Germany to meet rising demand in the European market.


Japanese Wagyu is renowned worldwide for its distinctive marbling, the shiny cherry red colour, as well as the smooth texture and its unrivaled rich buttery taste.

The high content of unsaturated fatty acids makes it a vital health benefit.

Japanese cattle grow slower and over a longer period of time than other breeds abroad (up to 36 months). The key to the highest beef quality lies in the genes of the finest bloodlines.

Another important factor is the tender and loving care of the breeders. Each animal is taken care of individually like a member of their own family.

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Japan Beef. Nur original japanisches Wagyu darf dieses offizielle Qualitätssiegel nutzen, das seine Echtheit garantiert

In order to introduce unrivaled quality of Wagyu on the worldwide market, Japanese authorities have introduced the “Universal Wagyu Mark” as proof of authenticity. Only authentic Japanese Wagyu bears this mark and as such, it can be used as a guide for selecting high quality, great-tasting authentic Wagyu meat products.

National Competitive Wagyu Exhibition

Every 5 years the Japanese Wagyu Association holds the "National Competitive Wagyu Exhibition" where the best cattle is award the precocious title. Miyazaki won three consecutive titles in 2007, 2012 & 2017 and is considered Japan's number one Wagyu beef.


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